• Gary Winkler

Rapid changes in commercial lending

Many owners of investment real estate have been contemplating the next steps for their properties. This conversation is especially urgent when a multifamily or commercial loan is coming due. There is a lot of information regarding who is lending, who is not, and the stipulations lenders are placing on investments, such as reserve requirements. Many lenders are requiring up to 18 months of reserves, however, there are many opportunities that provide low-interest rates as well as little to no reserves.

The multifamily and commercial real estate environment is still strong. I recently read that 83% of multifamily tenants were paying rent (OPB news). I also just received notice from a lender, who had previously stopped lending, that they are lending again.

I have noticed when speaking with property owners about refinancing, that many of our conversations lean towards a more conservative approach that includes lowering their current interest rate while keeping their loan to value low.

I think this is a good play.

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