• Gary Winkler

Action during commercial real estate market uncertainty

If you have your health and a roof over your head, today is a good day. As human beings, sometimes the biggest issue we face is uncertainty. I have found that uncertainty has made it hard to take action. Taking action can be just the thing you need in order to get out of the uncertainty trap. During difficult times it is natural to perseverate on issues you cannot control. Articles are consistently being written about how the commercial real estate industry is stable. The next article has a contrasting view of how the market is not.

Multifamily owners are contending with unpaid rent and difficult lenders who are overwhelmed with government programs like the Cares Act. So, what can you do in order to create stability in your life?

Believe it or not shallow breathing maybe part of your issue. This type of behavior can increase anxiety. Whenever my kids get overwhelmed I share a technique I utilize. The first thing I tell them is to take 5 deep breaths once done with that I say take another 5 deep breaths.

Once you begin to feel relaxed take a break and find something that you can control. there are many studies available that talk about getting outside and the benefits to your health.

My sister recently moved here from California and bought a piece of land. My wife and I decided that creating a large garden would be a great activity for the family. getting outside and getting dirty is something we can control. Plus I am really enjoying the time with my family and I get to drive a little tractor.

I have attached video about our progress.


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